Monday, September 25, 2023

Taking John to College

 We ("we" being me, John, Sam, and my mom) left on the drive to take John to college on a rainy Friday morning, August 18th. Before we left that morning, his best friends from church (who are also his best friends in general) came over to say goodbye. They'd been out together late the night before, and John had gotten up early to go work out with some of them. They can't get enough of each other! Writing this over a month later, I can say that they miss him a lot, and John misses them too.

Fortunately, it's really easy these days to stay in touch and see each other virtually, which they do frequently.

Surprisingly, the car wasn't stuffed as full as it could have been. John is pretty low-maintenance and didn't have a ton of things to bring for his dorm room.

The drive went fine and was a nice one through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania. We took a route that avoided going close to NYC. We drove halfway to Virginia and stopped for a day and two nights in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 


We got to Hershey Lodge by late afternoon, checked into our room, and then went out for dinner followed by an unexpected couple of hours in Hersheypark, which I'll write about tomorrow. Stay tuned for a hilarious picture of me on a terrifying ride that I unwittingly went on that evening! 😱😆