Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in June

I texted this to John and Sam because they need to remember this! Unfortunately, they're not good about wearing helmets.


Me too

✔ So true
I'm getting better and better at frugality. In some ways, I've always been pretty frugal; in other ways, not so much.

It's sad that a few weeks after making this post, Elder Holland's wife Pat unexpectedly passed away, and he's been hospitalized again since then. I'm sure that he remembers the important and comforting truths that he stated in the last two paragraphs of his post, truths that I know for myself are true because I've experienced them.

Science backs it up too.

I've always liked Donna Reed because we share the same name and because of her role in one of my favorite movies (It's a Wonderful Life), and because she was a smart, beautiful, kind lady, which is what I aspire to be.

I miss shows like those...

Ignore the typo! Personal revelation is everything.

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was funny, including the first comment. 😄

😆 I can relate to this 😆
I used this on Facebook to talk about my divorce last month. I hadn't said anything about it on there in the years that I was going through it, but I decided to address it directly once it was finally done, and this silly meme was my style and the way to go without making it too serious or somber.

Speaking of which, I saw this in an LDS Single/Divorced Moms group that I belong to on Facebook and thought it was funny and very relevant to me personally. I texted it to my group of best friends on the day the divorce was FINALLY FINAL (June 25th).
"Just divorced" and "Straight outta marriage" 😂 

Ha ha ha