Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in December

Amen to that! 

This helps me a lot in my life. I'm of course not perfect at it, but overall I take good care of my body and of my health, and it makes a significant difference in the quality of my life overall, especially in the midst of hardships and challenges.

This part of Elf is so funny 😂 

I could have written this myself! I've found this to be 100% true in my life, especially in dealing with major challenges over the last few years.

So relevant, especially #3 for me right now.

 This reminds me of John and Conner 😂


The Babylon Bee kept on cracking me up!

I love this promise of President Nelson's. I know for myself that it's true. There is so much power in temples, now and in the future. I continue to experience beautiful and sacred blessings and miracles from frequent temple attendance. 

I've been trying to get better at this. 
I'm cutting a lot of things out and simplifying as much as I can. I have to now that I'm working more (and that's only going to increase) and preparing to sell my house, find a new place, and move this year. Oh, and continuing to try to get divorced from an incredibly stubborn, foolish, and hardhearted man (yep, I said it!). And having John graduate and start college. Simplifying and focusing on top priorities is the name of the game for me this year.

"People whose passions are for things that society doesn't reward with money may be better served taking jobs that just pay the bills." ✋
That's where I'm at right now. Career isn't that important to me because my overall career choice was to be a mother, wife, and homemaker. This hasn't been a popular choice for a long time, especially in the Ivy League culture where I received my college education, but for me it was personally much more meaningful than anything I could have done out in the workforce. My professional ambition is increasing now that I need to work (I was forced back into it because of the divorce instead of being able to choose to return), and I do enjoy the work I'm doing, but for now I'm mostly just working because I have to.

So helpful!

Manage/eliminate expectations

Less screens, more real life

Control less, worry less...

...and just do it.