Friday, November 25, 2022

October Hair Selfies

 October was the one-year mark for getting my new hair, and I can still say that it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I love this hair so much and the way it makes me look and feel. I don't care that it doesn't grow from my head--it's still my hair. I'm one of millions of women, including big-time celebrities, who use "other hair" to supplement their own, and there's no shame in it. The boys don't tease me about it anymore and I think most of my friends and family don't really even think twice about it--they're used to me with it and without it and it's natural either way. People who didn't know me "before" don't know that it's a hairpiece that's clipped into my hair and blends in with it. It looks and feels so nice and natural (it's 100% real human hair, after all), and I love that I can get my hair done in literally ten seconds. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, which was yesterday, I'm thankful that I can finally say in my life that I'm thankful for my hair! 

This is my profile pic on LinkedIn.

Even when it's kind of messy, I like it. It's so much better than my thin, sparse locks that were only getting thinner and sparser. I think I'm aging well but my hair definitely was not, and hadn't been since about the age of 30.

This one's my favorite of the bunch!