Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Ancestral Nature Walk

 Sam and I went for an unexpectedly beautiful walk on Columbus Day last month. The weather was nice and mild, and the scenery was very picturesque. It was a new-to-us trail in one of the towns next to ours, and it was on land that town records show my ancestors used to own and farm. So not only did we connect with nature, we connected with our family history as well. It was perfect!

The land is still a working farm with animals grazing in the fields. The trails are open to the public. I really like how this town has so much protected land. I bet my ancestors would appreciate that too if they were here.  

Sam tested the electric fence with his phone. No zaps!

We walked through a big field before going into the woods.

Back to the field

This parking lot was ringed by one of those low stone walls that I like so much, and there was also this big pretty tree that was shedding fall leaves.

We went for a walk here again on Veterans Day a few weeks ago, bringing my mom this time. I think we'll come back to this trail many times in the future. I love it!