Tuesday, August 23, 2022

June Hair Selfies

It's the post you've been waiting for all month! 😆 The good news is that as the novelty of my new hair wears off, I'm taking fewer selfies, so I think these posts are going to get shorter and shorter until they cease to exist and I just include a few selfies in my monthly Randoms posts. That is what I foresee happening; you read it here first! (I don't know why I think I'm so funny today.)

That's my real hair on the bottom and part of the side.

I think I look like a spy here, complete with "fake hair" and everything. (It is real hair though!)

Here I am in Urgent Care getting tested for Covid for the first and so far only time ever! I liked the way my hair looked.
I had to get a test before I went to Kripalu since I didn't have a vaccination card, but the scary thing was I had a little bit of a cold so I was worried that I might actually test positive. (I didn't!) 

I liked the way my hair looked pulled back like this.