Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Crazy Times Scrapbook, February 2022

I'm suspicious that these monthly "crazy times" posts are getting me censored on the internet. My stats are down quite a bit from what they were for a long time, and with the increasingly Orwellian-type of society that we're living in (complete with a governmental ministry of truth--for real!), I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this blog isn't showing up anymore in people's searches on Google. This is outrageous. Well, at least I've still got my blog and can write whatever I want on it...for now, anyway!

"Resilience fatigue" is an interesting and relevant term.

I've been in the 70% for a long time. I'm glad that more and more Americans are seeing the truth about this.

What is wrong with Democrats? Less than half want to accept Covid for what it is and get on with life. Among other reasons, they've been seduced by lies and fear-mongering, in my opinion.  

Suspicious vaccines...

Now we have a world where people are confused.

So many good points here.

Because those vaccines just work so well!

Let's not forget that pornography is a harmful and tragic sign of the times, too.

I'm glad they did this. Go truckers! 


Inflation on the rise...

How about that?

I totally agreed with this opinion piece. I barely watched the Olympics in protest of them being held in China. 

This is such a good opening line: "Needless to say, I won't be watching the Winter Olympics in China, where it's winter every day for the human spirit."

I'm very disappointed (but not surprised) with my alma mater over the issue of Lia Thomas. HE never should have been allowed to compete with women. So unfair, and so messed up. 

Thanks for that, Bidumb.

The war started a couple of weeks after this was on the news.

Personal revelation, when sincerely sought after and done correctly, trumps just about everything else.

Not worth it.

Another "conspiracy theory" that turned out to be true.

I missed the figure-skating, but apparently I didn't miss much.

This is what is happening and it will probably get worse...

This is outrageous!

It happened. 😞

For once, some seemingly wise words from Bill Gates.

Boris Johnson has my respect. 

Iceland, too.

We have a "sick care" system in America rather rather than a "health care" system.

Shocking 🙄

I miss Trump.