Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in June

 Public Service Announcement: the following nuggets of "wisdom, humor, and inspiration" are in the order that I took them. Normally I'd want to organize them into categories, but I'm lowering my standards (just a bit) in preparation for becoming a single working mom when my time is going to become much tighter. My blog is something I want to continue so I'm going to have to be okay with things being good enough and not editing everything to death! 

I can relate to this guy ๐Ÿ˜†

Personal revelation has blessed and continues to bless my life greatly.

Helpful advice. Cognitive reappraisal is something I do regularly for a variety of situations, and it really can help.

I love those Brits! I find daily routines immensely helpful in good times and in hard times, and following those routines during the hard times (while not being too rigid about it) is one of the things that helps build my resilience.    

Someone close to me who knows my situation well woke me up to the concept of gaslighting and that that's what's been happening to me over the last few years. At first I didn't believe it, but researching and discussing this issue has been enlightening, enraging, empowering, and freeing, all at the same time.

Now that I know about this, I'll never again allow anyone to gaslight me about anything.

This is one of the big reasons that I'm very careful and choosy about the TV shows and movies that I watch.  

Good food advice


IF I date in the future once I'm no longer married, I'm definitely going to follow this advice this time around. 

I love this hymn. We sang it in sacrament meeting and my eyes filled up with tears. I felt comforted in the midst of my trials. I know that my Savior is always there for me and with me as I follow Him.
"And while I strive through grief and pain, His voice is heard: 'Ye shall obtain.'"

More good health advice. I try to do all of these things.

Moving mountains IS possible...

This concept has been so helpful for me.

Also very helpful, all of it.

Also very helpful

I did everything I could but it simply wasn't possible to single-handedly save my marriage. Both people have to want it and both have to be willing to put in the work.

Here's looking at you, avocado toast (which I love!).