Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Owls of February

 Owls were featured in yesterday's post about the antique store, and two days before that there was my owl puzzle, and you'll be happy to know that I'm not done done yet! Here are more owly things from February--it was a good month for owls! That alone makes it a good month. 🦉😊🦉

Sam read the Percy Jackson books and so we looked up things about the Greek gods. I relate to Athena the best. Owls and wisdom!

This mentions Athena too. And owls, obviously.

This illustration accompanied an article in The Wall Street Journal. Even though I haven't been a night owl since my early 20s, I appreciated the picture. Maybe I would become a night owl if it meant that a bunch of owls would congregate outside my window at night to keep me company.

The majestic great horned owl is my favorite, followed by the adorable screech owl.

This man is a hero! This story made me so happy.

Snowy owls are gorgeous.

The crazy owl lady strikes again! 😆