Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Goodbye Nantucket!

 We left Nantucket on Thursday morning. It had been a nice stay, but it was time to get back for the real cause of celebration--my birthday the next day! Ha ha.

I had delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast before we left.

My al fresco view at breakfast

We had done our #Nantucketing and enjoyed it very much!

Views while we waited in line to board the ferry...

Views on the ferry as we headed back to the mainland. This was Brant Point Light, which we had visited our first evening on the island. Fun fact that I didn't mention previously: it's the second-oldest lighthouse in the country, built in 1746.

It was so much fun going to Nantucket for my birthday week with my mom. It wasn't England, but it was as close as I could get, and it was a very nice consolation prize! I'm already looking forward to going back again in the future!