Monday, June 8, 2020

The Boys in February

Besides the adventures in North Carolina that I wrote about last week, here are some other things the boys were up to in the fabulous month of February, our last normal month before life got abnormal. 

John got braces and an expander. 😬😆
 Sam just got an expander; he'll get braces in a few years.

Sam went bowling with two of his friends and the dad of one of the friends. He won!

Sam at the boys' ninja gym. We miss it there!

John and one of his friends from school and the wrestling team at dinner after a team get-together. 

Sam was there too. We all were.

I didn't take many pictures at John's regional wrestling meet, but I did get these two.

A very non-wrestling comment: Look at John's perfect nose and nice long eyelashes. His profile is perfect. He doesn't care how lucky he is in the looks department. But I do! I'm jealous!