Friday, June 19, 2020

5 Things 4 Friday

I'm challenging myself today to do this post in ten minutes or less since I'm short on time and because I sometimes spend too much time writing and editing. 3, 2, 1, go!

1. These are the things I'm still having a hard time finding at the store: yeast and instant yeast (I haven't seen it at all in stores for several months), frozen mashed potatoes, and organic chicken breasts.

2. They say bad things come in threes. In the last few weeks, 1) my car battery completely died and had to be replaced (thank goodness it happened at home and not when I was out on the road with a trunk full of groceries--which is almost what happened); 2) we had to replace our hot water heater because it aged out too; and 3) there's a major problem with one of the showers at the Cape house that is going to require an extensive remodeling project to fix in the future. But for now, it's okay, you just can't use the jets in the walls. I hope the rule of threes works and that's it for now as far as things breaking goes. 🤞

3. We did the car parade at Sam's school on Tuesday before the last day of school where the teachers all lined up and we drove by and everyone waved and cheered and some people had their cars all decorated. Sam had made a poster which he held out of the window. It was so sweet. I tried to maintain a stiff upper lip but I definitely got teary. 

4. My favorite new verb is "doomscrolling." I think it's so accurate and funny (in a twisted way), and I'm totally guilty of doing it on sites like Zero Hedge and Natural News on my phone. I certainly don't get the warm fuzzies from doing it but there's something that compels me almost every day to doomscroll--they say it's the survival instinct we humans have to look out for danger.

5. I have two minutes left! Okay I'll admit it, I bought myself a Breathe With Me Barbie back in April to help me remember to take deep breaths and relax and meditate more. I like it! Don't laugh!

 I did it! It took about twelve minutes, but close enough!