Friday, May 29, 2020

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Things That Made Me Happy in May

A fun weekend at the Cape with my mom, sister, and niece. Finally!

Good Witch - I'm really enjoying this season

Mother's Day

My veggies are sprouting and growing. The seeds worked!

Watching The Lord of the Rings movies with Peter and the boys

Saturday night bubble baths (not with Peter and the boys, ha ha)

A good immune system masterclass that I've been taking on Zoom with a functional medicine doctor in Iowa City. I'm learning a lot from it and feeling more empowered about my health than ever.

Warmer temperatures. Finally!

Pool season is back!

Chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream from Uhlman's

Microwave smores

Things I'm Looking Forward to in June

Even warmer temperatures

Good books to read

More Good Witch

Our 18th wedding anniversary

The last day of school (of sorts)

Life becoming more normal again, I hope!