Thursday, February 27, 2020

August 2019 Randoms

I'm sad that Payless closed all their stores and went out of business. I got many good shoes there for over two decades for myself and then for the kids, including my white satin wedding heels, which I bought at this very Payless. (I was a bride on a budget, and Payless was there for me!)

Speaking of brides, "Calling All Bribes!" 😂 
This small but significant spelling error cracked me up when I saw it in my email. They sent out a corrected version later, but the mirth had been had and the damage was done.

Not letting go of the Kong.

Violet is laying under the table...

...because look what's on the table. Bacon!

Little bro giving big bro a piggyback ride at their ninja gym.

We went out to lunch for my mom's birthday and the salad I got was so refreshing and delicious!

Stay with me here. These were the random contents of my recycling bin one day and they just happened to be three connected things--a Hershey's body scub (Hershey=chocolate), a Dove chocolate bunny package (Dove=chocolate), and a Dove soap box (Dove again, which connects to the chocolate company because of the same name and to Hershey because like the body scrub, it's a body product). Maybe this doesn't thrill you like it did me, but my mind was pretty blown. 

Wise words!
Taco night at my house with my mom and Elizabeth, Rocco, and Shane.

Playing Uno

This is funny and true!

 I love British shows and British accents but sometimes they're hard to understand on TV, especially for some reason the mystery shows (maybe they like to add to the mystery for their American viewers). But I've figured out a way around it, after trying the above numerous times--closed-captioning!