Wednesday, January 22, 2020

June 2019 Randoms

Happy inspirational things that I liked from catalogs:

And something funny from a catalog...
"For fans of Bronte ball and hoops (in skirts)" -- "Jane Air" 😂

Things from newspapers that I liked (okay, one newspaper, and you know which one it is!):

Paper planners forever!

Sometimes pro-abortion people accuse anti-abortion people of not caring about the babies once they're born.
I liked that this editorial addressed that particular accusation.

Bernie Sanders and socialism. Sigh.

I want to do this someday. It's meant to be--the lady's name in the quote is Donna!

This was an interview with a roller-coaster designer. He designed the Manta at SeaWorld that we've been on (and that made me nauseous the last time I rode it). This would be the perfect job for Sam someday!

I love this. It's so true.

This was the most adorable article I've ever read in The WSJ.

 A few years ago I decided to do the Personal Progress program all over again on my own because I think it's a great program for women and I ended up not fully completing it in high school, even though I got credit for doing so, and I've always felt bad about that. Last June I officially finished it!

Sam made his own Fortnite board game. I was impressed. It was pretty fun to play, too!

My mom and I went to visit my grandma's grave for the first time. I miss her.

Her gravestone is with those of other members of her family, which is wonderful.

Our yard got mulched and it smelled like my high-school prom. It looked pretty too.

I continue to be jealous of John's long, thick eyelashes (as well as his perfect nose). This kind of beauty is wasted on boys who could care less!

These bumper stickers cracked me up. They were on a car in the temple parking lot. 

Harry Potter owl merch at Barnes & Noble.

I saw this somewhere and liked it. Sometimes I'm a sparky parent and sometimes I'm stodgy.

Lunch outside. I miss my screened-in porch in Iowa but this is nice too.

Boo Boo was getting the dog days of summer started out nicely.

My little darling expanded his Fortnite game, which you can see to the right on the floor.

Owl things I bought on my day trip to the Berkshires with my mom. I'd never seen owl bath bombs before!

I love socks. My feet are often cold (except for in summer, and sometimes then too) so I like getting good socks. At a cute shop in Stockbridge, I got a pretty pair of Jane Austen socks for me and a cute pair of yoga socks for my sister Jennifer (she's a yoga instructor). I got the owl socks above,too. 

The pool tired Sam out that day!