Friday, June 7, 2019

Empty Rooms, Empty House

This will probably be the last post I EVER do about our Iowa house. I took these pictures when the house was completely empty and cleaned out, on the day we closed on the house (June 15, 2018--incidentally, also our 16th wedding anniversary). This was my last time at the house. I was sad as I walked through the empty rooms alone. How can a place that has been your home for eight years, that has enclosed you in the warmth and protection and comfort of its walls, where you have lived your life day in and day out, become so empty and abandoned all of a sudden? Do furniture and belongings make that much of a difference? Yes, they definitely do! And so does ownership, of course. I loved it here, and I already missed it so much.

I loved this staircase.

 Goodbye to the beautiful window treatments that I picked out years ago and signed off on without Peter knowing (I think he was away traveling at the time) and he almost died of shock when he saw what they cost. 😇 I have no regrets about this wonderful home improvement purchase!

The now-empty heart of the home.

This reminds me of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

I really miss that screened-in porch.
No more four-poster bed. No bed at all.

I miss my jacuzzi tub and how it was ideally situated like that under the windows. The one in our new house drains on its own (the plumber is coming next week to fix it) and there's no cross breeze. But it's nice. Just not as good as this one was.

John's room 

The upstairs hallway looking down towards the boys' rooms.

The house was ready for its new owners, and it was time for us to literally move on. But nothing will ever change the fact that it was our house and home for eight good years and will always hold a very special place in our hearts and memories.