Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Rest of the Vineyard

Just a few random last pictures from our quick little trip to Martha's Vineyard last July.

This Vineyard Vines store is so preppy and cute! (The merchandise prices, however, are not cute at all!)
I think this may be the original store?

We've done about half of these over the years.

 I really liked the double porches on this house, and the hydrangea bushes.

It looks straight out across the common in Oak Bluffs to the sea.

And once again the pretty view from our hotel room in Edgartown.

We ate dinner at a restaurant across the street that was one of those old historic American tavern-type places. They're amongst my favorite places to eat.

I started reading this book, Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks, while we were there. I'd read some of her other books before and she lives on the Vineyard. It's a historical fiction novel set on the Vineyard in the 1600s and is loosely based on real people and events. I love reading a book in its actual setting; it makes it come alive even more.
This was a great book!

A few pictures of our room on the morning that we left.

 Once again I highly recommend the Vineyard Square Hotel!

It was SO RAINY that day. This was while we were waiting for the ferry. 

We and our bags got COMPLETELY soaked when we got back to the mainland because our car was parked across the street and at the end of a big parking lot. We had to run for it but running made no difference--we were doomed to get soaked to the bone no matter what. It was a very soggy end to a nice little getaway!