Friday, March 2, 2018

Five Things for Friday

Five Things I'm Looking Forward to in March!

1. John's 13th birthday! We're finally going to have a teenager in the house, whaaat!? He's gonna be a really fun teenager, I can already tell!
2. Spring Break vacation. We're going on (surprise!) a cruise in the Caribbean. Eventually, we'll branch out and do new things, such as the western U.S. and Europe(!!), but right now, Caribbean cruises are one of our things. This will be our fifth cruise in five years and our second on Royal Caribbean. I'm not as excited because it won't be Disney, but I'm still looking forward to it. Should be fun! Gonna go to to Haiti for the first time! (That's where Royal Caribbean's private island is.)

 3. Easter. I love Easter and what it stands for. I prefer when it's in April, and technically, it is on April 1st, but that's practically March. Anyway, I'm looking forward to our joyful traditions of of celebrating Easter.
4. Also happening on Easter weekend is General Conference, one of my favorite times of the year. This will be an especially significant one because we'll be sustaining our new prophet (Russell M. Nelson) and the new First Presidency, as well as getting two new apostles. It's always an uplifting and inspiring weekend and I love everything about it.
  5. The arrival of spring. It will be on March 20th to be exact. Bring on the milder temperatures and blossoming buds! It's such a lovely time of year.
 There are things I'm not looking forward to in March, like getting our house ready to sell (sob), but I'm trying to ignore that for now. There is more to look forward to than not!