Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tales of a Wayside Inn

Last summer when the boys were staying with Peter's parents in Rhode Island for a few days and I was staying at my mom's house, my mom and I went to one of my favorite places, The Wayside Inn, which is in the beautiful historic town of Sudbury, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. This place is very special to me. It's where Peter and I ate dinner before he proposed to me on the grounds of the Grist Mill. We spent our first anniversary there as guests of the inn. My family had a Fourth of July tradition of having a picnic dinner or lunch on the grounds of the Grist Mill. And the Inn is close to my church building from growing up. It also happens to be the oldest operating inn in the country. So it's pretty much perfect!

Side view of the inn

This is the other side of the inn. Why did I take this picture? That window in the middle is where Peter and I sat and ate a delicious dinner the evening of our engagement, on June 16, 2001. 💕

This is the Martha Mary Chapel that's right near the Inn. 
If I weren't LDS I probably would have gotten married here.

And finally, the front of the inn.

The view from the window above the front door.

Speaking of which...shut the front door! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

This inn is really old, as in 300 years old-old.

What the patrons probably looked like back then...

Famous painting of the inn, the grist mill, the chapel, and the rest of the grounds.

"Washington passed this place on his way to Cambridge to take command of the Patriot army, June-July 1775"

I love the low stone walls of New England. And of course the trees.  

There's a pretty flower garden on the side of the inn that I like wandering through. 

I understand the need for the bottom door, but why the two above it?

 Then we crossed the street and walked down the wooded path to the beautiful stone Grist Mill.

This mother duck with her babies was so sweet. This was a precarious spot to hang out though, at the top of the waterfall! One of the little duckies went over, which some people down on the ground freaked out about, but he was fine. They're hardy little fellas.

This area is close to where Peter proposed to me.

A cool twisted tree with the mill in the background

Check out the guy in the colonial clothes!

This grass here in front of the mill is where my family would picnic. 
This is also a popular spot for wedding pictures, as you can imagine!

I love The Wayside Inn so much. I have to go at least every other year to get my fix!