Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Trip Back in Time: Jamestown, Virginia

Jamestown is an old, historic, amazing place. And when I say old, I mean really old, like one of the oldest places in the country--1607! Peter and I were there 400 years later in 2007 for the 400th anniversary of the famed settlement. Jamestown is one of my favorite American history places to visit. They've done such a good job of preserving things there, and they continue to do so as archaeologists are still at work, digging up the past. You get a real feel for the important things that took place there and how life must have been. It's awesome! 

This monument was erected in 1907 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement.

That's the James River in the background. And our oh-so-attentive kids in the foreground.

Front view of the Captain John Smith statue:

And the back view. I like that it's facing the water, which he must have looked out upon so many times during his time here.

This is a tower from the 1639 church that was there. 1639!!

That's the original foundation of the church, preserved under glass. A replica church was built on the foundations.

John saw the windows of the church as a fun physical challenge. I let him try to reach them since he was outside. 
He finally did it!

This tree by the water was a pretty photo opp... John and I took advantage of that...

...and then John climbed the tree...

...and I took a close-up of the blossoms.

There's Civil War history here, too.

I like it when historic places use barrels for trash and recycling cans. The island of Nantucket does this too. It's a classy way to do garbage cans with a nod to history.

These cute kids!

They collected goose feathers as if they were prized and rare possessions. 

You could walk right over the original Statehouse foundations on clear floors like these.

These are some of the artifacts dug up on the settlement grounds. I'm sure there are more down there too, waiting to be found after centuries of lying in the dirt.

Captain Smith, I just can't quit you! 

Posing with Pocahontas, one of my favorite women from American history.

We went on the prettiest walk through the woods to see the remains of a glasshouse from 1608 as well as one that's currently in use. This trail used to be an Indian trail and was used by the settlers once they were here. 

I've always loved sunlit green forests like these.

The Jamestown Visitors Center is beautiful, and it's SO well-done. Usually I think Visitors Centers are a little boring, but this one was really, really good. We all enjoyed it, including the kids.

Just in case you were wondering about the 1600s...

The Native American village reminds me of the one at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts. These huts are so cool (except for when they're hot, like they were that day!).

There were three replica ships that you could go on and explore. Sam especially loved this, as he was really into Jake and the Neverland Pirates at the time.

He was imagining life as a pirate. Specifically as Captain Hook!

Corn stalks! Are we back in Iowa?

These pictures of the boys in this iron helmet crack me up (especially the one of John!).

There's some good fitness training for you, John!

This ended up being the cover picture of our Christmas card last year.

Jamestown is such a great experience. I highly recommend it!

Next up: Yorktown.

{I wasn't planning to do detailed posts about this trip, but as I went through these pictures, I realized that I wanted to because it was such a good vacation in a really great place. Plus I've been feeling inspired by my friend Cheryl's blog posts about her amazing trip to Europe in April.}