Friday, April 15, 2016

Five Things for Friday

This post is brought to you by the happy and not-so-happy happenings of this past week!

1. Monday: I'll start with the not-so-happy. Normally I like Mondays and getting back into the swing of things, but this wasn't a good Monday. I hesitate to complain about my bad days because normally they're nothing compared to what so many other people are going through in the world, so in that respect I'm grateful for my bad days because I know they could be much, much worse. This lends me important perspective and a better outlook, but I'm still not on board with a happy welcoming attitude when they happen. I'm not that perfect!
Anyway, Monday was a bad day because, among other things, I had to do too much running around, some of it for errands of an unplanned and unpleasant nature, and my equilibrium gets messed up when that happens. I am nothing if not a deliberate planner (and a bit of a control freak), and when life messes with my plans, I sometimes have a hard time dealing, especially when I'm overtired (which I was) and when the weather isn't good (it was cold, windy, and sunny, a combination that I detest).
I did however enjoy watching Disney Night on Dancing With the Stars, and then I went to bed and put an end to this crappy day!  

2. Tuesday: Tuesday was much better. No unplanned trips out, no emergencies, and I got everything done that I needed and wanted to do. We stopped at the shop that I consign things at and when I was browsing through the middle-grade and young-adult books, I was thrilled to come upon some of the thrillers (get it?) that I liked reading when I was in junior high. I love how books can bring you so quickly back to the specific time and place in your life that you were at when you read them. It was a thrilling(!!) blast from the past!

3. Wednesday: Wednesday was neat because three related coincidences happened. 
First, I got a really nice comment on my blog from the sister of one of my friends from church, my author friend Jamie who I've done some editing work for in the past. 
Then I got an email from the sister-in-law of another friend from church, asking if I'd be able to edit her book manuscript. Both of these things were out of the blue and they were both from women who I don't personally know and hadn't heard from before, who are sisters of friends of mine from church, and they both involved my editing work (well, kind of). 
And THEN the clincher is that the book review that I read in The Wall Street Journal that very day was for a book that's all about life's coincidences and how they're not as random as we think; that there are actual mathematical probabilities behind them and stuff. 

Maybe that doesn't impress you much, but as for me...

4. Thursday: I found out that the new principal at the kids' school is 29 years old. What!? How can I be older than the principal? How can the principal be the same age as my youngest brother? This is madness.
Speaking of school, I went to John's fifth grade class' "Poetry Cafe" where they recited poetry both together and on their own in a really neat presentation. I enjoyed it so much!   
Also on Thursday, we went and saw the Broadway production of "Annie," one of my all-time favorite musicals. It was really good and it was worth the disruption in our normal Thursday evening routine and the lack of sleep we got from getting home so late!  

5. This weekend: The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend (clear, mild, and in the 70s)--finally! Poor Peter has to work, but the boys and I will get out and enjoy the fresh air, as well as get in and enjoy the movie theater air when we go see Disney's newest movie The Jungle Book. (Have I mentioned before how much I love Disney and just about everything it does?) 
Sam is especially excited to see Kaa (the snake!).

Enjoy your weekend!