Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Legoland and Kennedy Space Center: Holiday Edition

The day we spent at Legoland was hot, dry, and sunny. It felt like we were in the middle of summer, but this Christmas tree made out of...Legos (you guessed it!) helped bring us back to reality.

Another tree picture from Legoland, but this one isn't a Lego creation.  
This is John in his natural habitat!

This gift shop was nice and festive, too.

We went to Kennedy Space Center the next day, and its holiday decorations were pretty cool (not to mention the Space Center itself, which was amazing). 

Of all the places we went in Florida that week ("that week" being the week of Thanksgiving last year), Kennedy Space Center wins the prize for the biggest ornament.

The Christmas tree there had a nice international theme.

I think there were other holiday decorations but I didn't get to take many pictures because after our bus tour we got hit by a huge thunderstorm and all of our efforts had to go into trying to stay dry (we failed, big-time) and to not get hit by lightning (we succeeded). 

Next up: SeaWorld! It had the best decorations and the most Christmas spirit of all the places we went that week!