Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wear and Tear

Sam put both the wear and especially the tear into the phrase "wear and tear" when it came to his swim shirt a few weeks ago.

I bought this swim shirt at Target this past winter. Sam wore it on our cruise in March, for swim lessons, and of course all throughout the summer to various beaches, pools, and a waterpark. By the end of the summer it was getting stretched pretty thin but still hanging on and able to serve its purpose. Then a few weeks ago when he was getting ready for his swim lesson, the shirt went Riiiip! right up the middle and that was the end of that. 

It was a good run, swim shirt, although a little too shirt--I mean short! (I really did make that typo when I was typing this and thought it was funny.) I was hoping you'd last at least a year, but you did the best you could. Thank you for your service to Sam in keeping him comfortable and protected from the sun, from the Caribbean to the Midwest to New England and various places in between. 

Do you ever thank inanimate objects for their service to your life? I (obviously!) do.