Thursday, October 15, 2015

First Day of School!

The first day of school was on August 24th.
John is now a 5th-grader!

A handsome 5th-grader, at that.

 And Sam is finally a kindergartener!

A really cute kindergartener, at that. 

 The boys get to go to school together for the next two years. Finally!
Many adventures (and occasional mishaps) on the school bus and at school to come.

These pictures capture their personalities well.

After our little first-day-of-school photo shoot we walked up the street to the bus stop and proceeded to wait for the bus for almost a half-hour! It came so late that day. First-day wrinkles. 

Sam picked out a Hot Wheels backpack at Target and John's sports-themed bag is what he used last year.
Quick aside: My guess is that John will be using that same backpack next year too and quite possibly the year after that into junior high. Backpacks from The Children's Place are really well-made and they last for years!
(Meanwhile, Sam's backpack already has a few holes in the bottom!) 

The bus finally arrived!

And there go my big boy and my little boy, off to new adventures. 
I was particularly proud of Sam--he was so calm, cool, and collected about going off to kindergarten on the bus for the first time. He was ready for it and excited about it.

At the end of the day, I was waiting for them at the bus stop. (For quite awhile, I might add--the bus was pretty late again. First-day wrinkles strike yet again!)
This sequence of pictures of Sam jumping off the bus is cute.

They'd both had a good day. Success!

 Sam came home wearing this cute "First day of Kindergarten" crown.

It was a good first day and I'm proud of my boys.
People have asked me how I'm doing with both of my kids being in school full-time now. The answer is that I love it! I know that some moms struggle with that transition, but I'm not one of them. It's all good, for all of us.

Here's to a great school year!