Wednesday, September 30, 2015

13th Anniversary Roses

Peter and I celebrated our 13th anniversary on June 15th, and he got me a beautiful bouquet of roses to celebrate. Red and white roses, because on our first date he brought me one red rose and one white rose, and for our honeymoon, he pre-arranged with the place we stayed at to have a big vase of red and white roses waiting in our cabin as a surprise for me when we arrived (he also did this when we returned there to celebrate our 10th anniversary). He's very romantic and sweet!

The white roses ended up "outblooming" the red roses.  

And, a little off topic, though not completely, here are some other pretty flowers from June: 

Costco's display of roses impresses me every time I see it. Every time!

Pretty miniature roses and two leatherbound "word cloud" copies of two of my favorite books, all courtesy of Costco.

What a rosy life!
(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)