Friday, June 26, 2015

The Trip Home

The drive from Massachusetts to Iowa takes about two days. It's always a fun time. (Not really.)

Still on the Cape, getting ready to hit the road.

I wanted to go home, but I also didn't want to go home.

There's a Holiday Inn Express that we usually stay at that's in the very western side of Pennsylvania. It's the best Holiday Inn Express we've ever stayed at. It's nice and casually fancy, clean, and well-managed with all sorts of extra goodies, and the customer service is excellent. We spent the night of our 10th anniversary there three years ago on our drive out to Massachusetts. We always like staying there after a long day of travel.

We had the pool to ourselves that night.

Ready to launch!

I remembered to set my camera to sports mode for these pictures, so unlike the photo above, they came out well!

Here's my favorite spot. A hot tub feels soooo good after a long day in the car.

The next morning, Sam was an early-riser, and John was not.

Getting some energy out before we became car-bound for the rest of the day.

Some of of the things that make this hotel a little more special:

They have good art on the walls. I've always liked this picture. We have it hanging in our bedroom at home.

They have a mini golf course and a really pretty waterfall fountain.

This fountain always cracks me up. Seen from a certain angle, it looks like one of those peeing fountains...

...but this place is too classy for that.

We saw this in the parking lot and it was so funny. I guess this pick-up truck had aspirations to go airborne?
I love America. We are geniuses here.

Speaking of geniuses, sad news.

On the road again...

This is when we were driving up near Chicago. We'll take the one on the right! 
Only about three more hours until we got home.

We're home! It was good to be back after being away for over six weeks.
But, ohhhh, the pain that is unpacking. I don't mind it at the beginning of a vacation, but at the end of vacation, it really stinks. 
But it's worth it!