Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Magical Last Evening at the Beach

The last evening at our beach before we left to go home last August was a beautiful one. The weather and water were pleasantly warm, the sky was pretty, and there was a full moon. It was twilight in the full sense of the word, both literally and figuratively, as far as our summer vacation was concerned. It was a nice way to end our tenth summer on the Cape, and the first one in a place of our own, with a nice little beach that we could call our own.

The sea water rolling in to shore sometimes reminds me of a great big blanket being pulled up nice and cozy under your chin. I like to think of all the water covering the earth that way (it makes it a little less terrifying!).

The moon looked like it was reigning over this serene view (which is exactly what it was doing!).  

How pretty and perfect is this soft and gentle twilit sky?

A sparkling trail on the water, courtesy of the moon...

The boys were in for a special treat that evening (besides the pretty skies and full moon, which they didn't really care about!). They got to play with a very friendly and playful dog who was at the beach with its owners.

One of my favorite shots of the evening...

I like this series of photos of John.

In he goes!

This was funny. We had our own little version of Toy Story going on when we found this little Transformer-type toy randomly standing here on this rock. It looked as if it were wistfully looking out to sea for its long-lost owner, or imploringly at John to bring him home. We left him there, but I did enjoy taking his picture.


Postcard perfection (in my humble opinion).

The setting sun was somewhere over there...

...but I was a lot more interested in the moonrise that evening.
I enjoyed photographing the moon from different angles and with different "things" underneath it, like the rocks, the boats, and just the water and shoreline.

 It was getting darker. The pink stripe in the sky had faded, leaving a very pretty blue behind.

There was still some pink over on the western side of the sky.

Goodnight beach, and goodbye for the summer.