Friday, May 15, 2015

Five Things for Friday

1. This was Sam's last full week of preschool. Ever. It makes me feel nostalgic and sad. I get incredibly sentimental over things like this. It kills me that this phase of his life will suddenly just be over, that he'll never go back to those classrooms with those teachers and those kids and do the routines and fun things that he's done there, that he won't see the animals on the farm anymore that he's helped to take care of for the last two years, that he'll never play on that playground again. I have a very hard time with these kinds of transitions and good-byes. He's fine with it, it's just me who has the problems dealing!

2. Speaking of feeling nostalgic, today is the 5-year anniversary of my beloved dog Christy dying. She passed away quickly and naturally at home in Connecticut about two months before we moved to Iowa. I was truly devastated to lose the dog I'd had since her young puppy days. She'd become my constant companion and I loved her dearly. I got Christy when I was only 14, so she was with me through high-school, college, getting married, working, having two babies, and living in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and she would have come with us to Iowa too. She was my best furry friend in the world, ever. It's hard for me to put into words just how much I love her and what a special part of my life she was. Christy was ten days away from her 15th birthday when she died, so she lived a long, happy, healthy life. I can't believe that it was twenty years ago that she was born and twenty summers ago that I brought her home as a little puppy. I am very much looking forward to reuniting with Christy again someday! It's gonna be awesome.

I still keep two framed pictures of her on display in the house (in my Project Room, which as I said yesterday, contains many of the things that I hold most dear).
This one I've had since high-school; it's from Christy's young puppy days.

And this is a picture of Christy as a beautiful old lady during what turned out to be her last year of life.

  3. I have two callings at church. One of them is serving in the Nursery, which I really enjoy. But the hardest thing about this calling is finding a substitute for when I'm going to be gone. People can't do it, they have other callings, they have other reasons (which are perfectly valid), and some don't e-mail me back and probably hope that I'll just go away (which I won't because I'm persistent!). It's so hard to find a Nursery sub! I don't know why; I was always very happy to help out in Nursery. I'm going to be gone two Sundays this month, and I've got a sub for one week but I still can't find one for the other. Heaven help me (literally) when I go about finding a sub for the 10 weeks or so that I'm gone this summer!

4. Dove has new chocolates, and they are so good! They taste gourmet, like the kind of chocolates you'd pick out from behind the glass in a candy shop. They combine my favorite flavors: sea salt, caramel, and dark chocolate.

Sweet mama, these are good!

5. I really hope that Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy win Dancing With the Stars next week.
That girl can dance! (He's not bad either!)

Have a good weekend!