Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Animal Antics Around the House in April

{That's some pretty awesome alliteration right there!}

We love our kitties and our pups (as I affectionately call them). Taking care of the four of them makes me feel like I have at least the equivalent of another half of a child!

Brody and Boo Boo are such sweet pals.
I think it's so cute when they spoon!

Beware of Violet's swinging tail, Boo Boo!

Bam! Slapped in the face! 

 Brody got an infection in April and we had to give him two different pills twice a day to treat it. This was not an easy task. I wore heavy rubber gloves so that my hands wouldn't get scratched up, but Peter's method was to confine Brody in a laundry basket and then administer the pills. I took a picture of it one night. It was so funny.

"I hate you both."

 He knew what was coming, and it looks here like he was clamping his kitty lips shut in defiance!

 After the pills went down, he just hung out in the basket awhile, probably in resignation and defeat.

"Just leave me alone."

 Brody is now on a special diet to help him lose weight, so the highly convenient days of feeding the cats together at the same time and not having to worry about them eating each other's food are over.

Brody stayed overnight at the vet's office so that they could test him for diabetes. They had to shave some of the fur off one of his legs for an IV to go in. First his little bald patch reminded me of Michael Jackson's white glove, and now it looks like a little legwarmer. I really hope the fur doesn't grow back for a long time because of the pleasure I derive from this little bald spot each time I see it. Oh what enjoyment this little stinker of a cat gives me!

He tried to hide at his follow-up vet visit two weeks ago.
Sorry Brody, but we know you're in there.

The sweetness and gentleness of Bentwood is in direct proportion to Brody's mischievousness.

Violet goes out in the front yard now and she'll even lay down and rest out there.
Her fear of getting zapped by the Invisible Pet Fence is lessening, slowly but surely.

Boo Boo resting in the shade of a tree.
He still misses Yogi. We all do.

We sure do love these furry family members of ours.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
-Anatole France