Friday, April 10, 2015

Five Things for Friday

1. We had overcast, milder weather for most of the week, and I loved it! I wish it had rained more and that we'd gotten a really good thunderstorm or two, but I'll take the clouds and sprinkles. Don't get me wrong; I like sunny weather (unless it's combined with freezing cold), but there's something about overcast, rainy days that energizes me and makes me feel especially happy (unless it happens on my wedding day, sob). 

I did a Google image search for "cloudy days" so that I could include a cute picture here, and I found a few good ones, including a little Tumblr video, so I'll just post 'em all.

2. Yesterday in our school district was the kindergarten visit for all incoming kindergarteners at their new schools. It was fun to bring Sam to this. I think he's going to enjoy kindergarten a lot, along with the added benefits of riding the bus and going to school with his big brother. We're excited!

Class of 2028!

3. I'm loving Target's nautically-themed home decor that they've been selling, first last spring and summer, and again this year. You see, the reason I wanted to get a house on the Cape was so that I could fill it up with all these fun shopping finds that I wouldn't have a place for otherwise. (This is actually partially true, ha ha!)

These lamps would be perfect for the Cape house, and I like the gold-striped lampshades that go with them. I didn't buy any yet because I have to figure out first if we need them and/or have a good place for them, which means I need to go through the pictures I took of each and every room before we left last summer for this very purpose. Sigh. It's a tough life.

Whales are becoming one of my favorite new things after the amazing whale watch we went on last summer. They're not up there with owls yet, but they're getting closer. So I bought a whale.

4. Speaking of owls, other things I bought this week, not for the Cape house but for my house house...

This cute Lemonade sign to hang up or display for spring and summer. 
Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks.

And meet my newest little owl. Isn't he pretty? 

He's secretly a little box. (Creepy!)

5. I have way too many files on our desktop computer full of photos that I've meant to use for blog posts and haven't done yet. Some of them are years old. I'm tired of seeing them every time I use the computer, so I'm going to methodically go through them one by one and either delete them or blog about them until they're all gone. Therefore, in the next few months there will be random posts from a year or two or even three(!!) years ago. But to keep things current I'll still write about things from the recent past too. I'm planning on switching it up and doing a week of "past" posts (like I did this week), and then the next week I'll do a week of more "present" posts. So that's my plan, and hopefully I'll stick to it. Pretty exciting news today on the blog, I know.

This weekend we're looking forward to seeing Peter, who's been in New York all week and unfortunately has to work tomorrow, but it will be nice to see him on Sunday. During the quarter-end months of January, April, July, and October, I really do live my life mostly as a single parent. But the boys and I have plenty of things to keep us busy, such as three different birthday parties to attend tomorrow. Have a good weekend!

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cheryl said...

Oh I love rainy overcast days too! I always wonder if it is the readers that love them so much. Most of the people that I have talked to that hate rain and overcast days are the ones that don't read!

Our littles are starting kindergarten the same year!Maddy has registration/ school visit on the 24th. I still can't believe she will be in school next year.

Those lamps are great and so is that whale. It's funny you mentioned that because my parents and I were JUST talking about our amazing whale watching experience we had in CAnada in 2002 last night! Whales are amazing creatures.

Love your new items for your house... and yes a little creepy that owl opens up but now you can hide things in there.

Can't wait to read your past and present blog posts! Keep them coming!