Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekday Mornings

My weekday morning routine during the first hour when I get up usually goes like this: 

The alarm goes off at 6:20. I almost always hit snooze.

When it goes off again ten minutes later, I get up, take a shower, and get dressed and ready. 
(If I'm really tired or feeling particularly comfortable or lazy, I'll hit snooze one more time.) 

I'm usually done getting ready by about 7:10. The timing has to be pretty precise because I need to be downstairs to start serving John breakfast by 7:30 so that he can eat and leave for the bus on time. Before I start my day downstairs, if there's enough time, I sit on the ottoman in our master bath and read my scriptures. I like starting the day out like that, before I go downstairs and start the morning school day routine with the kids. It gets one of the most important things to do in the day done, and it starts the day out on the right foot and with a good perspective. Last year I usually did my scripture-reading after the kids went to school, but it's working out better for me right now to do it earlier in the morning.

Sometimes as I read, there's a pretty view out the bathroom windows of the sunrise sky:

As I start my day, nature is busy starting hers.

I find that the routines of daily life can be very comforting and peaceful, just as the routines of nature are.