Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Things for Friday

1. I'm jealous of the huge nor'easter Massachusetts got this week. I love big winter storms. They're one of the few things I love about winter. The winter storms in the Midwest are nothing compared to what they can be back East! Oh well. At least our Cape house got to experience the fun. And we don't even have to shovel!

This is a real scene from a town in Massachusetts this week. Perfection!

2. Speaking of Massachusetts...similar to winter, I've never been a big football fan. I don't really understand the appeal of the game with all of its stops and starts and tackles. I think it's funny when the Patriots lose because it upsets Peter (what a nice wife I am), but I was glad that they won their play-off games and made it to the Superbowl, which is a change from my usual indifference. The whole "Deflategate" thing last week was pretty amusing, and as a native New Englander, a little annoying. Why do people love to hate the Patriots so much? They really are a good team--with or without deflated footballs, I might add. I saw this "Embrace the hate" thing on Facebook and thought it was funny. Go Pats! I actually hope they win! (But if they don't, I'll have something to laugh about! Sorry, Peter.)

3. I've really been enjoying watching Season 5 of Downton Abbey since its U.S. premiere on PBS at the beginning of the month. It's a highlight of my week, every week. I pre-ordered the Season 5 DVD and it arrived this week, so I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the season soon. I'm too impatient this time around to wait and watch as it plays out week by week when I could find out what happens sooner! 

There is one newer character on the show who I'd really like to see go. I can't stand Sarah Bunting. In fact, I really kind of hate her. The unbelievable way she behaved at dinner in last week's episode was the last straw. It made my blood boil! I can't stand it when people are judgmental know-it-alls, convinced they're right about everything, who take it even further by throwing it rudely and ungraciously in people's faces. She's the perfect embodiment of that, and it drives me nuts. I've come to dislike any scene she's in, and I really hope she doesn't make it to Season 6. Tom can do so much better than her. He NEEDS to do so much better than her, for my sake!

One of my favorite characters this season is Lady Rose. I think she's lovely in every way.

I also really like the friendship and very entertaining banter that has developed between Violet and Isobel. 
They crack me up!

4. I've been unable to stop eating these. Heart-shaped York Peppermint Patties. Peppermint and dark chocolate! Help!

It's a good thing they're only sold once a year. For some reason it's easier to ignore the regular circle-shaped patties. The heart shapes do me in. I'm a sucker!

5. The sky on Wednesday evening as the boys and I were driving around was beautiful! I couldn't stop looking at it! I told them that if I ever die, I want them to look at sunsets and other beautiful things in nature and think of me and of how much I loved those things and to remember that they are gifts of nature and gifts of God and that they can feel close to God and to me by appreciating their beauty. I really know how to turn something beautiful into something a little bit morbid and depressing, don't I? Ha ha.

These pictures are 100% unfooled around with (I stole that from the Tropicana orange juice commercials), no filters or editing or enhancements or anything. They don't need it!

I hope you have a great weekend! My plans include nothing special really, and that's fine with me. Boring, quiet weekends are good to have every now and then!