Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Photo Opps on the Ferris Wheel

It can be hard to get good pictures of Sam because he often won't sit still or will stick his tongue out or squint his eyes or do something else that he thinks is funny to sabotage my picture-taking attempts. But when he and I went on the Ferris Wheel at Kalahari last month, he was trapped! And so I was able to get some cute pictures as we went around and around. The yellow seat turned out to be a nice, bright backdrop and it coordinated well with the yellow lettering on his shirt, and I liked how the sunlight was slanting in. Now if only I'd brushed and gelled his hair better that morning! But even his hair sticking out in the back is cute and characteristic of my sweet little boy.

My favorite!

I was able to get a good range of facial expressions, from thoughtful and contemplative to smiles, big and small. Who knew the Ferris Wheel could be such a good place to take pictures?
 I'll have to remember this for the future!