Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Out and About on the Ship

One of my favorite places on the Disney Fantasy was the fourth floor outdoor deck, which goes all the way around the whole perimeter of the ship. This is where people could run or walk laps for exercise, as well as play games like shuffleboard, or just sit on a chair and enjoy the view while resting or reading a book. Can you guess which one I did? :-)

Check out those huge lifeboats hanging right up there overhead!

I'd sit here...

 ...and enjoy this relaxing view. The sea breeze was nice too.

The morbid part of me thinks about how easy it would be to jump overboard on a deck like this. What if you just got seized by the impulse to do that for whatever reason? That would be crazy. It would be a long drop into the churning waters left by the ship's wake. Yikes!

You'd definitely need one of these, that's for sure.

Elsewhere on the ship...

I liked this huge painting of London that was on one of the staircase landings near our stateroom. This must be a still from Mary Poppins or Peter Pan, I'm not sure which. All I know is that I'd seen this scene before and I love it!

The ship had a really nice theater and terrific Broadway-style productions and musicals. We went and saw the Aladdin musical. It was fantastic! So fantastic that I teared up at the end!

This is from when we docked in Costa Maya, Mexico. It was neat to walk between two HUGE cruise ships.

"My ship is better than your ship!" Ha ha ha.

And to end this post, a family picture and a cheesy but cute couples shot of Peter and I.