Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Things for Friday: Five Photos from February

1. Sam is doing really well with potty-training. Here he is with one of the rewards he got by earning five stars for staying dry for five days.

Now we just need to get him to go #2 in the potty. I think it's time to up the ante and make going #2 in the potty a required part of earning a star each day. Time to conquer the poop! (I didn't want to write #2 again. Oops, I just did!)

2. I spend entirely too much time trying to keep this room clean and organized--and that's with only cleaning it once a week. It only looks like this for a few hours after I clean it while the kids are both at school. I have developed a love-hate relationship with the playroom, but it's been a little stronger on the "hate" side lately!

Last week I'd had enough of the mess and I put all of the play-kitchen food and dishes into a box and hid it away, along with a few other things that I'm tired of seeing scattered all over the floor. Yesterday I boxed up more toys that I don't think the kids will even notice are gone. I see a big playroom clean-out and re-organization looming in my future. Yay! (said only with a slight dose of sarcasm)

3. Remember how I said I was going to get a new camera because my Canon DSLR just wasn't cutting it anymore? Well, I did get a new one, and I like it a lot, but I don't really know how to fully use it yet. I wish they'd make excellent-quality compact DSLR cameras for dummies that were as easy to use as an old-fashioned point-and-shoot camera. That would be perfect for me! In any case, this is the first picture I took with my new camera. I was sitting on the family room couch looking through the manual and trying to figure it out.

4. This has been the view out of our kitchen window this winter. It's pretty and it reminds me of New England because of the trees. But it's time for the snow to melt and turn into mud and for the budding greens of spring to show themselves! The boys and I have cabin fever!

5. Today is this boy's 8th birthday.

And tomorrow is his baptism. It's hard for me to believe that John is eight now. My feelings on the matter and about John are very deep and I'm not even going to attempt a blog post about it, so I'll just say that we love him so much, that having him as our son has been and will continue to be a huge learning and growing experience, and we're so thankful that he's the very special part of our family that he is!