Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Thoughts From the Week

We got a new refrigerator this week. It was time to get rid of the fridge that came with our house. For the second time in less than four months, it was dying. I can't tell you how nice it is to have cold, properly refrigerated food again! Lukewarm milk and too-soft cheese = yuck!

Another thing that hasn't been working very well lately in our house is the DVR service. The cable guys came out to fix that this week and it didn't work. Aaagh! I want my DVR to work! I guess I'll be seeing those guys again next week.

Next week Peter will be away on two different business trips, but my father will be here. He's stopping in Iowa for a few days on his drive from Massachusetts to Utah. He's moving to the middle of nowhere in southern Utah, so now my family will be truly scattered between the Northeast, the Midwest, and the West. But the good thing about it is that we'll have someone to visit out there, so I foresee some fun trips to the West in our future!  

So. This Pastor Jeffress from Texas says that my religion is a cult and that Mormons are definitely not Christians. Really?! Are we back in the 1800s again?! It surprises me that people are still this ignorant, especially people who are invited to take part in events that involve presidential candidates (I distrust Rick Perry even more because of this!). Jeffress obviously doesn't know or understand the official name of the Mormon church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he certainly hasn't read the Book of Mormon, which is all about Christ. If he came over to my house he would see pictures of Christ on the walls and observe that we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. I read a really good opinion piece on that was written by a non-Mormon man visiting Salt Lake City, Utah this past week when this whole thing happened. I really appreciate what the author of this piece has to say. If we had more open-minded people like him our country and our world would be a lot better off!

To end on a happy and self-centered note, I'd like to update you about the state of my hair. A few weeks ago, I complained about its damaged and distressed state and said that I hated it. I'm happy to say that I no longer hate my hair, just merely dislike it. The sleuth in me has discovered what damaged it so much. Last fall I got some highlights put in, and after doing that two or three times, my hair got really damaged and started breaking off. I talked with my stylist and found out that the highlights contained bleach. Apparently my super-fine locks can't tolerate bleach! So I haven't had any highlights done since last December, and I don't plan on getting any anytime soon, and if I ever do get them again, they will be bleach-free. So my hair is now totally its natural blond color, which I actually like. 
    Also, I've discovered (finally) that using a hairdryer was majorly damaging, even with heat-protecting products, so the blow-dryer has been shelved. I haven't blow-dried my hair in over a month, and it's growing again, and it's shiny and healthy! I have high hopes that it will grown back down to shoulder-length (which is my favorite length for my hair) by next summer.
    And one more thing...John Frieda's Full Repair Full Body line has worked wonders! Thank you Mr. Frieda!

I hope you had a good week and that you have an even better weekend!


The Crazy Coxes said...

Have fun visiting with your dad! My hair is super fine and coloring destroys it. Maybe I'll try your new beauty find!

Amelia said...

A thought for each of yours!
1. Congrats on the new fridge. It's fun to get big new appliances when the time is right!

2. It's so hard to be without DVR once you're used to having it. It's so convenient. I hope yours gets fixed soon!

3. I hope your dad has a great time visiting and a good move out to UT.

4. That pastor is intolerant and ridiculous. It's sad that there are many people who share his ignorant views. That CNN article is great and hits the nail on the head!

5. Hooray for your hair's comeback!

Donna said...

I love you Amay-may!

Ann Marie said...

Sorry about your fridge! We are in the same boat with a washing machine. It looks like that's what Santa may be bringing us.

Where in Utah is your Dad moving? I am curious... and if you ever come out to visit.. call me and we can get together!

Don't even get me started on Perry. All of this religious predjudice makes me soo sad and mad. If Perry makes the Republican nomination.. I will not vote!

Donna said...

Re: Rick Perry--me too Ann Marie!
Hopefully it won't come to that though--I don't think he'll get the nomination. He's got too much shady business in some of his past and present dealings, and he's a bad debater.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Congratulations on your fridge. Hopefully your DVR will be fixed soon. I've stopped using mine too much since I discovered the wonders of Netflix.

And I'd love to meet up with you too if your ever out her. Though maybe I'll make it out to Iowa one of these days before your husband's done with school.

I actually met Ann at a blog dinner last month. Small world. :)

Donna said...

My hubby's not in school so we should be here in Iowa for quite awhile! At least if all goes as planned we will be.
That's funny that you and Ann Marie met last month! I'd love to meet you both!