Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Mess With Me, Dogs

I love that our spunky little cat Brody can keep our two big rambunctious black labs trapped at the top of the stairs. Which just goes to show you: 1) Power isn't always dictated by size, and 2) Our dogs are wimps!


Amelia said...

That shot is priceless, Donna! You got it at just the right second!
Your pets are so cute!

Ann Marie said...

I LOVE IT!! Awesome shot!!
~ And you are spot on!
My 14 year old de-clawed cat was confronted with the Pit Bull next door.. and when I saw it.. I thought it was for sure the end of my cats 14 years! Nope. He BATTED and swore enough at that demon dog.. the dog went running with his tail between his legs.

My cats got a reputation. It cracks me up.

JGEM said...

Pretty hilarious

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Awesome picture! I think that could go viral. :)