Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Friday Morning

Here are some of the things flitting around in my head right now:

-Hurricane Irene. I'm a little anxious about it. I love a good storm but this one sounds like it could be pretty serious. I don't live in New England anymore but my family and many of my friends do. I'm a little worried!

-What is going on this week?! An earthquake on the East Coast, an incoming hurricane on the East Coast, Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, and it looks like Libya is finally going to get rid of a terrible dictator (who has a crush on Condoleeza Rice, which I find very amusing!). 

-I hate my hair. But first, in an attempt to be positive, here are the things I like about it: it's naturally straight, soft, and blond. And here are the things I don't like about it: it's thin, it's taking forever to grow longer, it's breaking off on one side, and it has become super-fragile. What's up with that? I hate my hair.

-I now have a son old enough to be in Boy Scouts! John started Cub Scouts this week and I am now the proud mother of a Tiger Cub. (Does that make me a Tiger Mom?)

-Tomorrow I'm getting a lava rock massage!

-This picture inspires me and brings out my inner neat freak. I'm trying to get my life organized so that September can get off to a good start.

I hope you have a great weekend!


dougandcheryl said...

I hate my hair too. Mine is really thin too. Once I had a stylist say he hadn't seen hair that thin in someone over 5 years old. He thought it was funny. I thought How rude.
I used to like it though. It was easy. Wash and go. Straight and pretty. But ever since having kids it is just flat and dull unless I do it. Hate that. But like you I like that it is soft.
One of my friends husband was in DC when the earthquake hit. They live in Colorado. She said that she had an earthquake in Colorado that day too. I find that very strange.

Donna said...

Cheryl, I've had rude stylists before too, who unintentionally made me feel like I was some kind of a freak because I had such super-fine hair. I never returned to those ones! My hair hasn't been the same since having Sam. Not that it was all that great before, but I would take how it used to be any day over how it is now!

That is weird about an earthquake in CO the same day as in the East. Maybe it was a big huge fault line shifting around? It's kind of scary.

moedawg said...

Supposedly, prenatal vitamins help your hair even if you don't need them for other reasons. I just wish Flinstone made some. Preferably gummy....

The Crazy Coxes said...

We have twin hair!! Blond, thin and fragile. Sorry! I hopeyou enjoy your massage!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, I hope your massage was relaxing! My hair is just the opposite: thick, frizzy and turning gray!