Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Have a Six-Year-Old!

Today my "little" boy turns six! I can't believe it! Six years ago on a rainy/snowy March 8th in New Jersey he came into the world as an adorable little newborn in need of abdominal surgery the very next day, and six years later on this soon-to-be rainy day in Iowa he's handsome and healthy and growing up fast...

When John started kindergarten in the fall, he quickly picked up on the potty humor that boys seem to find so funny. Because of this, his favorite word to say is "butt." We've been threatening him that if he doesn't clean up his mouth, he's going to get a butt cake for his birthday (it wouldn't be too hard to make!) and that we'll sing "Happy Butt-day" to him instead of "Happy Birthday." It works and gets him to stop talking like that for a little while. As much as he likes butts, he doesn't want a butt cake. So, he's not getting a butt cake today. But I still might (quietly) slip in a "butt-day" when we sing to him tonight because I think it's pretty funny. I guess he's rubbing off on me.

 (Sometimes he requests that I photograph the object of his amusement when I have the camera out. And sometimes, much to his delight, I oblige him.)