Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

-Valentine's Day and the Inequalities of Love: For V-Day, Peter was very kind to me: I received a dozen beautiful red and white roses, a box of very delicious chocolates from a fine chocolate shop (I ate all 18 of them in two days--and that was with exercising some self-control), a gift certificate to get a lava rock massage, a ruby and silver ring, three cards, and cards, flowers, and a balloon from the kids. And what did I get for him? A card and a couples keychain. I feel like a winner in love but a loser in gift-giving.

-Another sign of my loser-like ways: John came home from school on Valentine's Day with all of the valentines he received, and after he showed them to me I realized that we were the only ones to not include a piece of candy or a sticker or a mini tattoo with the valentines he gave. They were cool Star Wars ones and I got him to write everyone's names out himself; I thought that was enough. Apparently not! I guess I really was an unwitting Valentine's Scrooge this year.


-This week I was sick with a cold and sore throat, so I've been drinking a lot of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. I'm convinced that it has healing properties--my motto is "Ginger ale: it's good for what ails you." (Doesn't my cleverness impress you?) It's my medicine when I get sick. Well, that and Tylenol.

-I haven't gone on Facebook once in two weeks, and I have two weeks left of being Facebook-free. I'm writing an article about it. I miss it! But overall it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.

 -Spring is in the air! It was in the 40s and 50s this week and yesterday it was in the 60s--in the middle of February! The snow is melting and dripping away and turning into giant puddles. It's awesome!

-My discovery of the week: While shopping in the health food section of the grocery store I found Natural Cheetos! I used to like Cheetos but I haven't eaten them in years because of the junk they're made with. But these natural ones have no preservatives and no artificial flavors and colors. The first ingredient is organic corn meal! They are VERY good!


 -One more discovery, though this one is pretty much unattainable unless it's in knock-off form: New York Fashion Week wrapped up this week, and while I don't get into high-fashion too much, I saw this dress featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal and I love it, even though I'm not usually a fan of sequins. It's from Peter Som, and I love the blue color and that it's completely modest, classy, and beautiful. If I were super-rich and led a glamorous lifestyle I would get this dress!

So that was my week; how was yours? As always, if you'd like to read other bloggers' Friday Fragments you can go to Half Past Kissin' Time. Have a good weekend!


Jene said...

LOVE those Cheetos! Now I'm hungry, I might have to grab a bag on my way home from work!

We scrooged on the valentines, too. We didn't even get cool star wars ones, I just made Charlie draw on a bunch of pieces of paper. Star Wars next year, for sure!

Kristina P. said...

That dressy is modest yet sexy!

lisleman said...

oh the pressure of Valentine's Day. (you wrote V-Day which is much better than VD)
What's with FB-free? I like FB and go often but unless you play those dumb games (you might guess I don't) what's the addiction? I find blogging a little addicting.
That's an OK runway picture considering most of the runway pictures are just plain weird.

The Crazy Coxes said...

You scored for Valentine's Day! Sweet! I love Cheetos in all their forms. I don't know that I have had the natural ones though. Wouldn't be fun to have that dress AND have somewhere to wear it?

From Tracie said...

How is it that I haven't heard about natural Cheetos? That is genius!

Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Advil are my go-to medicine.

Happy Friday to you!

Donna said...

lisleman--I like FB too but decided to do an experiment and see what life would be like without it for a month. I'm writing an article about it that I may submit to some different places if I think it's good enough!

dougandcheryl said...

I think your facebook article idea is a great one. Can't wait to read it!
I love Canada Dry ginger ale. I haven't had it in a while. I might need to pick some of that up.
I like those cheetos too. I haven't bought them but we had them at a friends house once and I was surprised that they were good.
I was a Valentine scrooge this year too without meaning it. Doug and I never get each other gifts - just a little candy. This year I got him a box of ferrero rocher AND a bag of reeses pieces so I thought I was doing good until Valentines day night when I opened up a bag with a beautiful bracelet in it. OOps.

moedawg said...

Your hubby is over-the-top-mama good at Vday!!! Is he always so generous? We didn't even exchange cards but I am not a big fan of the holiday so I am the real Scrooge.
I'm super psyched to read your FB article. I want to set my own little challenge like that-I was thinking of not looking in a mirror for a whole day? Am I shooting too low?

moedawg said...

ps-can i steal your bullet list idea?

Donna said...

Maureen, yes please do! It wasn't my idea anyway. Peter is usually very generous for holidays and birthdays. I'm not sure why, he's just always been that way. I don't mind too much, except that it makes me look like a cheapskate in comparison!

As for your idea, you should do it! I think that would actually be a really hard one to do. Try it!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Wow, you got some great V Day gifts!
We don't usually include gifts with the Valentine's either, although we did give pencils this year. It's a scam I tell you!
I love those natural cheetos for my kids; not only are they healthier but they don't get that staining orange crap everywhere!