Monday, November 1, 2010

The Apple Orchard

At the beginning of October we went to a nearby apple orchard. It was lovely!

We picked some apples...(duh)

The best ones were up pretty high, so Peter and John got to use their tree-climbing skills to get them.

Meanwhile, Sam stayed safe and sound down on the ground and played with the rotten apples that were there...

We visited the pumpkin patch, where I was unsuccessful in getting a good enough picture of the boys together to make Halloween/fall cards to send to my family. I tried!

The boys had their heights measured. Who knew that apple orchards could be so versatile? 

I picked out a big pot of yellow chrysanthemums to put next to our front door. Mums are the flower of fall and I love them!

And we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

We also enjoyed the freshest, hottest, most delicious apple turnovers I've ever had. I love this place!


Kristina P. said...

I think the last time I went to an apple orchard was when I was about 10, in the mountains of California.

Donna said...

They're fun Kristina, you should go! At least go for the turnovers and other goodies like that. It's worth it!

Ann Marie said...

That orchard is beautiful!
~ ANd now I'm suddenly in the mood for some turnovers.. :)