Friday, September 10, 2010

More Little Bits of Randomness

Mommy's Idea

I started doing Friday Fragments last week, and I like it! (The idea is courtesy of Half Past Kissin' Time, where you can go to read more of other people's "fragments" or to do your own.) It's fun to compile, and last week I made two new blog-friends from it. I'm going to try to do it weekly. I find myself going on Facebook less frequently for status updates because I think, I'll just put it in Friday Fragments! And less time on Facebook = more time for other things. Anyway, onto some of the random bits from my week...

*We officially sold our house in Connecticut this week. I didn't even know this until a few days after it happened because Peter's company bought it from us so that they can handle the closing with the buyers. It's good to have it sold and no longer something we need to worry about, but it makes me a little sad to lose that connection to a great place that we enjoyed living in for four years.

*I started hanging up pictures in my house this week. Pictures make such a nice difference. No more bare walls! Actually there are still plenty of those, but I'm getting there. I try to hang up a few each day.

*This week we had both the playroom and Sam's room painted different shades of yellow, which brightened things up really nicely. Paint makes an even more significant difference in a room than pictures. Hooray for paint!

*About the paint...we got the no-VOC type because it's supposed to be much healthier to breathe in then conventional paint. It was more expensive but I think that's something worth spending on. There was much less of the paint smell, that's for sure!

*My 11-month-old son Sam has been sick with a cold this week. There should be a law of nature that babies under 2 can't get sick. Fortunately, he's getting better. But now my husband Peter has a sore throat. Wonderful! I hope that John and I won't fall victim too. Allergies are enough for me, thanks!

*Peter injured his foot somehow and has been walking with a funny limp all week. I feel bad for him but it cracks me up to watch him walk around like that.

*I watched the movie Monsters vs. Aliens with my 5-year-old son John. I was not impressed. That's got to be one of the worst children's movies I've ever seen.

*Iowa City (our new home) was ranked the #3 college town in America to live in for college students in the category for metro populations below 250,000. I'm not a college student but it's definitely a nice place to live and I enjoy living by a university again.

That's it for this week. I hope you had a good week. Happy Friday!