Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree (with a 3-year-old!)

1. First, find a good place to put your tree. This year we put the tree in the back of the living room instead of the front. Here it is the day we got it (Saturday, December 6th) after we set it up in the stand. Make sure you water it ASAP and keep watering it daily or it will get its revenge by dying an early death.

2. Trick your child into thinking that he is magic and can turn the lights on and off by blowing on them as if they were birthday candles. John totally thought he had this power. He had no idea that Peter was controlling it behind him. It was so funny!

3. Have your husband string up the lights. This year it's his turn to choose the color of the lights. Peter likes colored, and I like white. So here he is putting up his colored lights.

Trying to decide if the bear or the star should hold the place of honor on top of the tree. The star won, but only because it lights up and the bear doesn't.

4. Because the lights take awhile to string up, decorate with ornaments the next night. Try to get a cute, perfect picture of your kid in front of the tree, which proves to be impossible.

5. Enjoy the finished product:

I'm happy with the tree, although it isn't decorated as nicely as some of our past Christmas trees. I didn't bother putting on things like tinsel this year. I just don't feel as festive as usual. Plus it has those blasted colored lights instead of the elegant white ones.

To make up for my Scrooginess, here are some of my favorite ornaments.

My beloved childhood Strawberry Shortcake ornament from the '80s:

Our 1st Christmas, 2002

My mom got me this when I was pregnant with John in 2004. They were all out of blondes, so she got the brunette and had it personalized with his name and the year.

My dog needed her own ornament

Year-long loyal Red Sox fans show their love with things like this:

My seashell angel, bought at a shop in Hyannis, Massachusetts during one of our annual summer vacations to Cape Cod.

I hope you're all having a nice Christmas season!


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Blasted color lights?! I love color lights! They are such fun. No, not as elegant as white, but so jolly and festive. I love how my tree looks with them.

I love all your ornaments. I've never been good at collecting ornaments like other people have. Sometimes I think it would be cool to start. You have such personal stories with your ornaments.

Laura said...

What a great idea to switch years choosing the lights. Your tree is beautiful and I love the ornaments! I also love the idea of letting your kids think they are blowing out the lights. SO funny. We will have to try this with the kids!

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I'm not an ornament collector either! I am sort of a perfectionist and like them all the same and boring.

Wendyburd1 said...

Our Dog Max when he was 1, grabbed a glass ornament in his mouth and ran off, then it broke in his mouth. Luckily he was so shocked a BALL had broken like this, he froze and we got all the pieces out before he crunched down. PHEW, he has left them alone, and WE have hung glass ones higher, that has never happened again...and this was a dog and NOT a lil kid, so OUCH!

I am about to post a few of my fave ornaments too, after I read my back log of posts on google reader!

dougandcheryl said...

Your tree is really pretty. I miss getting real trees. We used to put coke in the water and they would last longer.
I love his little monkey jammies and the blowing on the lights.

A New England Life said...


What an adventure, huh? And they don't have to be 3 to break the ornaments as my 12 year old proved. I told her to 'stop touching things!'. lol!

I'm not a colored lights person either but my husband is. My dad too. It must be a man thing. Wishing your family a wonderful Christmas!


Me said...

I love the ornaments that bring back memories and are significant! I look forward to the year when I can pull my out. I haven't dared, for the last 3 years, we have decorated the tree with pine cones and poinsettias! Your tree turned out beautiful. I have to admit I'm a colored lights kind of gal (even though mine has white on it)

Kerri said...

How cute that your son thought he was turning on the lights by blowing on them! Your tree looks very pretty and is shaped perfectly!

Sarah Laurence said...

That first photo cracked me up. Oh, I remember those early decorating days. Now our tree if covered in ornaments that they have made so it does get easier. How much fun your are having!

Donna said...

You're right Alyson, colored lights are jolly and festive, and I do like them for that. They're more fun for kids. I guess I would even kind of miss them if we always used white lights year after year!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Karolynn said...

That is the perfect tree! I love all your special tree decorations!

Karolynn said...

That is the perfect tree! I love all your special tree decorations!

Anonymous said...

Love your ornaments. Your tree is so pretty!