Friday, October 3, 2008

The Biden-Palin Debate

It's hard to believe, but one of these two people will be elected our new vice president in less than a month! Here's my little analysis of their debate last night: I thought they both did pretty well. Neither of them blew me away. Palin did better than I thought she would, which I was happy about. The main thing that I disliked about her performance was that she kept saying she's middle class. I'm pretty sure her family hasn't fit into that category for awhile, so to me that was a little misleading. She was once middle class, but is no longer. But that's the economic demographic she's trying to appeal to most, and I think it's probably working.

I thought Biden was solid, as he usually is in debates, but that he could have been a little more aggressive. It seemed like he handled Palin too gingerly. This was a seasoned politician debating a much younger newcomer who likes to be known as an "outsider," but still, I think Biden should have gone after her as if she were Mitt Romney, which could have given him a decisive victory, as long as he wasn't mean and unpleasant about it.

Overall, though, Biden was fine, and Palin held her own quite well, and so I think they both won in different ways. I'd give the edge to Biden, however. In these difficult times I think I'd feel more comfortable with him as the V.P. What the heck, Biden and McCain are the ones with the best experience of the four who are running. Why can't they run together?!

What do you think? Did you watch the debate? If so, who do you think won, if anyone? Did this debate make any difference in your decision of whom to vote for?

(Fashion analysis: Her outfit was perfect. I liked the 3/4-length sleeves of her jacket, and her red high heels were fabulous!)


*MARY* said...

I didn't watch it, I get all my political information from Saturday Night Live, Palin is always on that show.

Donna said...

Ha ha! I've gotta catch up on my SNL. I watched the season premiere with my dreamy Michael Phelps, and the rest so far are on my DVR.

Katie said...

I think Palin did well for a newbie, but I git annoyed by a couple things. First, she kept winking at the camera. Hello, this is not a beauty contest, you cannot flirt your way out of a question. The winking typically accompanied annoyance number two, which was that she outright refused to answer some questions (actually saying, "I won't answer that just because you or teh moderator want me to" at one point), and changed the subject entirely on others (i.e., after fumbling on nuclear proliferation, having a Katie Couric moment, she asks "Can I talk about Afghanistan?"). But, overall, no major flops like the Couric interviews.

Biden can be overbearing and has a tendency to gaffe, so I think he was purposely trying to avoid a sexism charge last night, which is why he came off as "going easy on her". Although I was sooo impressed by his response to her "understanding Middle America b/c she is a Mom" comment by coming back at her with, "Yeah, well, I'm a single Dad, and I don't think that ought to be the highlight of this thing." She fumbled in her response to his emotion, like she wasn't prepared for it. And he knocked her over the head with comparing McCain to Bush. Oh, and I also liked how he kept calling her out for not answering the questions. I also liked it that he didn't try to pull off the whole "I'm middle class," but instead did the "I pulled myself up by my bootstraps" approach, which works alot better and is much more genuine.

All in all, I felt he won the debate, but she didn't screw up. I was so impressed by Biden last night. It makes me hope that if Obama wins this thing, Biden gets to run again in the future. Very presidential.

Me said...

We all know that I can be politically ignorant. I spent the evening and the UofU game (They won). On the flipside...I totally agree she was well dressed!

Alyson said...

Wait a minute...Michael Phelps, dreamy? You're kidding, right?

Ok, onto the debate. I don't cite Biden for his ginger treatment of her because, like Katie pointed out, he was afraid of charges of sexism. I'm sure he was warned to to not look like a bully. America would not have taken kindly to him treating her as if she didn't know anything and being cocky. It would be assumed that it was because she is a woman that he treated her like that.

I think they both did great and this debate doesn't sway me either way, which stinks since I am still undecided.

Donna said...

You don't think Michael Phelps is cute? I had such a crush on him in August! I guess I still do.

Anyway, I know that's why Biden didn't go after Palin more--because people would have hated him for it--but I think he could have been a little more aggressive or assertive without being mean or arrogant about it. It's the least sexist thing of all to treat your opponent like an equal, independent of gender. I've seen people be successful in debates where they win in an assertive but mostly polite way. Romney was pretty good at this.

I agree Katie, I liked how Biden talked about his wealth in an honest, upfront way. I also appreciated the fact that he got a little choked up at one point when talking about things that obviously mean a lot to him. The man definitely has a heart.

I'm in the same boat as you, Alyson. I wasn't really swayed either way, and I'm still undecided.

Alyson said...

No way! I think Michael Phelps is super goofy looking. But to each, his own. :-)

I agree, it would have been the least sexist thing to go after her and treat her as an equal, but I think there was a fear that the perception would be that he was sexist.

Peter said...

Actually Donna,
Palin's income is the lowest of all the candidates. Between her and her husband, they grossed $170,000, far less than most politicians (and, I'm fairly certain, than any of the other presidential candidates). The year before, it was $130,000. While it certainly isn't the bottom 50%, she also isn't in the top 5% either.

Donna said...

Really, is it that low? Not that that's low, but like you said it's lower than other politicians and definitely much lower than the other candidates. If that's true than I guess she's more in the middle class than I thought, which might make her comments regarding her social class more honest.

Mom said...

I would like to see Palin treated like a real vice-presidential candidate and be treated a little aggresively. If she is going to deal with world politics, she needs to be able to handle herself in all types of situations. I don't mean go after her because she is a woman, but treat her as an equal politician. She is an attractive woman, but first she is a political candidate and if the men can't get beyond that she will not be effective in politics.