Friday, September 12, 2008

Can Someone Help Me?

I want to add a widget to the sidebar of my blog from Goodreads. I can't figure out how to do it. I've tried everything, read through Blogger's help files, and I'm afraid I'm going to end up deleting this whole blog if I try much else. I know it's probably really simple. Can anyone out there tell me how to get a widget from onto my blog? I'd be very grateful for any help!


Me said...

I love a good challenge and I can be a bit of a computer geek. I am so on this project for you. I will play with it this evening after my boys go to bed and I will let you know what I figure out.

Donna said...

Thank you! That is so nice of you. My problem is I don't know how to add any widget-type things. You know those cute buttons a lot of people put on their blogs that link to another person's blog? Where does the text go to install that? All it ever says for directions are to Copy & Paste, but where does it get pasted? In the Template box? I'm so confused! If I can get that figured out, then I think I'll be able to download things from anywhere.

Me said...

Okay..I think I've got the answers you are looking for. I'm assuming you have already gone to goodreads and created your "book shelf"? If not..go through that process. Then follow through with these steps:
-On the Good Reads Screen
*click 'MY BOOKS' (located across the top
*click on 'WIDGETS' (right side of screen, next to TOOLS:)
*Copy and Paste the jibberish found in the 'Copy/paste the below html in your website' dialogue box.

then go to your blogger dashboard and select 'Layout'
*Click 'Add Gadget' (which brings up the add a gadget dialogue box)
*Scroll down to the Html/Javascript and click the blue + sign.
-In the content box of the dialogue box that opened (after clicking on the Html/Javascript) *PASTE the code you previously copied from GoodReads.

And there you have it my friend. Your very own bookshelf on your blog. Clear as mud?

I'm assuming you wanting to place a bookshelf on your blog means you like to read, if you are interested in sharing your books and reviews visit my other blog (its a small group of friends, they email me their 'Reviews' and I post them on the site...) If you are interested in participating, leave me a comment or send me an email through the above blog.

Happy Reading!

Me said...

P.S. Anytime you want to add a widget of any kind you simply repeat the process of adding a gadget and then pasting the jibberish code to the content box of the Html/Javascript gadget option.

Donna said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You've opened up new windows to me! I got the widgets in really easily thanks to your directions. The missing link for me was I had no clue where the text was supposed to get pasted. I guess the Html/Javascript option makes the most sense (duh Donna). I'm so glad that I know that now. Thanks again, you're the best!