Monday, August 11, 2008

Back from Vacation

We had a great time at Cape Cod last week and we got back yesterday evening. It's sad that summer is almost over, but I'm glad to be back home again, relaxed and rested and ready to live real life again.

I'll write about the Cape later this week. I wanted to write my July Month-in-Review before leaving but things got too busy, so I'm going to try and finish that up soon. I like having those month-by-month happenings of my little life to look back on and read. There are actually a lot of things I want to write about right now, and I hope I can find the time to do it all this month!

I was bummed to see that my blog background had turned to mush while I was away. I loved that background! Stupid Photobucket! (since it looks like it's their fault.) Can anyone give me some good websites or resources that have cute, simple backgrounds to download that won't lose everything on your blog? I don't like this plain white background and I don't have the savvy or the time to figure out how to make it nice again without some help. Somebody, anybody? Please help me!