Thursday, April 3, 2008

Snoop Dogg...the Mormon?

I found out today that Snoop Dogg, the infamous rapper, has apparently joined the LDS Church. How crazy is that!? I thought at first that it must be an April Fool's article, but it looks like it's legit. According to the article, he was introduced to the Church by Gladys Knight and through a Family Home Evening at her house. If he's sincere about it and this is all indeed true, I think it's really cool and I welcome him into our ranks. Read this article for the "scoop on Snoop."


Donna said...

I heard that this might not be true (no big surprise there) and I checked on Snopes to see if there was any info there about this, but nothing yet.

Alyson said...

It's not true. See here -

Too bad. That would have been kinda cool!

Donna said...

Oh man, that was a great joke! I like the picture of him reading the BofM even though the photo is a fake.

Thanks for debunking it, and I guess the article has some fine print at the bottom of it too. It was well-written and believable so that I almost fell for it.