Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yeah. I'm bummed.

Well, Mitt Romney lost in Florida last night, as you must know by now. I suspected McCain was going to win going into it, but it was still disappointing. It will be much more difficult for Romney to get the nomination now. What's even worse is that the front-runner is the mean and vindictive McCain, who is unlikely to choose Romney as a running mate, even though Romney is far better than any of the other candidates. It's so frustrating because I know Romney would be a good president and that he'd do great things for the country if he were to lead it. I wish more Americans would do their research so that they could know this as well. Maybe they will and some sort of a miracle will happen, but I'm not counting on that.

So we'll see how things go from here. John Edwards quit today, and Rudy Giuliani will be doing the same, and of course he'll give his endorsement to his friend McCain instead of to Romney. It's going to be really interesting to see who comes out on top on Super Tuesday, Clinton or Obama. For the Republicans, it looks like McCain will emerge as the victor with Romney in second. I have to say that I really can't stand John McCain. At this point, I would vote for Clinton over McCain, which some of you will think is crazy, but I really just distrust and dislike the guy more than I feel that way toward Clinton. And even though I'm not crazy about Obama, he's a lot better than McCain and I'd definitely vote for him over McCain.

As is stands now the only thing that would make me vote for McCain is: 1) if he were to choose Romney as his running mate, or 2) if he changes his lying ways and strange personality problems, which is unlikely. If Obama and McCain win their party's nominations, I bet McCain will choose Huckabee as his running mate so that they'll have a chance of winning in the South. I'm convinced that McCain and Huckabee have been working together secretly for awhile, and also that they'd both have total power trips if they ever lead this country. If Hillary gets the nomination, McCain might be more likely to choose Romney, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to receiving all the new clothes I bought on the Internet last night in the midst of my disappointment as the returns were coming in and the victor was projected. Aaaah, retail therapy, there's nothing like it! (Only you'll notice that I'm still bummed out today, so I guess it didn't really work. Oh well. At least I'm getting some new clothes!)


Katie said...

So, what was your opinion on tonight's debates?

Mitt does really well in the debates. He took out McCain tonight on the issue to McCain claiming that Mitt wanted timetables in Iraq - Mitt was saying he wanted goals set there. It seems like McCain doesn't believe in goals. Sad.

McCain also didn't really answer any of the questions he was given in a straight-forward way, which bothers me.

And, if you want more reasons to hate him, just look up how he treated his first wife, after she waited for him all those years he was a POW... Yeah, he ditched her for a model half his age. All because she had gotten into a car wreck and gained weight. What a jerk...

I really wish people would just make educated decisions in the process, rather than just going with whoever's name they know.

If it is McCain/Hillary, I am going to write in for Ron Paul. Ok, maybe not really since that is throwing my vote away...

Did you ghear Ralph Nader is running as an Independent?

Donna said...

The debate tonight left me disliking McCain more than ever. He is such a mean old politician who takes the biggest cheap shots at his rivals. Romney does well in the debates because he's truly intelligent and knows what he's talking about.

I've heard about how McCain left his first wife, who was disabled from a car accident while he was a POW, and married sugarmomma plastic Barbie doll Cindy. Now there's a really great guy for you. He's almost as bad as Giuliani.

I did hear tonight about Ralph Nader possibly running. I wonder how much effect that would have. I'm kind of hoping Bloomberg runs now too. He's a lot more attractive as a candidate than McCain, even though he is just a mayor.

I'm depressed!

Katie said...

It is pretty depressing. I was pretty bummed when McCain/Hillary took Florida. Not that I expected Obama to win Florida, but darn it! Can't people just turn on the news and listen to what these people believe in before they head to the polls? I so think McCain only won b/c 2/3 of the people in Florida are older than he is. He got the grandpa vote.

Sorry, I am just irritated by the whole thing.

Huckabee needs to get out of the race, and McCain needs to suffer a stroke or something.

On a related note, did you see the dress that Cindy McCain was wearing saturday night when McCain gave his acceptance speech? She had more cleavage than when the Red Sea was parted!

Peter said...

Huckabee and McCain have been in cahoots ever since SC. Notice that once McCain won SC, all Huckabee's attacks on McCain stopped, and he started publicly supporting McCain. He wants the VP nomination, and the only reason he has not bowed out is McCain and he both know that doing so would cause the evangelicals to rally around Romney (who, while Mormon, is still more conservative than McCain). That was brilliant political strategy and gave McCain Florida.

The Florida win, the Giuliani endorsement (which carries NJ, NY, & CT) and McCain's national name recognition means that McCain has wrapped up the nomination. About the only things that might stop him would be for some dirt about a major crime he committed in office or if he suffered a significant health problem that caused him to drop out of the race ahead of Super Tuesday.

Donna said...

Katie, you crack me up. Your last comment is the only thing that has made me smile tonight! I didn't see the speech so I didn't see her dress, but I'm not that surprised. Not that it really matters and it's petty of me to even say, but I'm pretty sure she's had some work done and she's not afraid to show it off. If that's the kind of potential First Lady the Republican party wants, that's what they'll get! Ann Romney is so much classier and dignified.

Alyson said...

If it's Obama and McCain, I'll vote Obama. If it's Clinton and McCain, I really don't know what I'll do.

I know it's distressing that Romney may not be the guy, but one thing that always makes me feel better in situations like this is that I know it's all in God's hands. Things happen as they're supposed to and all we can do is do what we can do, which is vote. Heavenly Father has a plan and if, after all we can do, Romney doesn't make it - well then, that's the way it's supposed to be. I know it stinks, but perhaps thinking in those terms can help.

Donna said...

It does help to think that way. Like you, I believe that things happen as they should, at least up to a point, hard as it may be to accept that sometimes.

I'm thinking that if it comes down to Clinton and McCain, I probably won't vote at all. But there are months left and a lot will probably unfold in that time, so we'll see what happens!

Katie said...

Ah, you should definitely still vote, Donna! If it comes down to Hillary/McCain, Hillary will win no matter what. It will end up being war/anti-war, and there's no way anyone can picture McCain as ever working towards a solution in Iraq. Just check out this quote from his website:

"Increasing U.S. troop levels will expose more brave Americans to danger and increase the number of American casualties... Extending combat tours and accelerating the deployment of additional troops is a terrible sacrifice to impose on the best patriots among us, and they will understandably be disappointed when they are given that order. Then they will shoulder their weapons and do everything they can to protect our country's vital interests in Iraq."

he doesn't exactly try to sugar coat things, does he?

Donna said...

That's a pretty blunt thing for McCain to say. It really doesn't seem like the Iraq situation would improve with him as president, which is ironic since that's one of the reasons he's popular, is his foreign policy "experience." Give me a break!

About the voting, I've been thinking about it and I realized that you don't have to vote if you make an informed choice not to. Why choose the lesser of two evils if you find both candidates to be insupportable? Not voting because you don't care is wrong, but not voting because you don't really support either candidate after doing research and following the race seems to be more acceptable. That being said, I hope that doesn't happen. I hope I will be voting and that it will be for ROMNEY! (One can still hope!)

Alyson said...

There seems to be some backlash against McCain in the republican party all of the sudden. There are a lot of people in his party who feel he's too liberal. I hope you're excited to see Romney won Maine.

Donna said...

I know, it's been really interesting to see in the news that a lot of Republicans do not like or support McCain. They don't see him as being a true conservative. They should have chosen Romney and supported him better.

I was happy to see that Romney won in Maine. I don't think it gave him delegates though, did it? I'm not sure. In any case, I'm glad that he won there!

Andy said...

It gave him 18 delegates, he is only 5 behind McCain now in total delegates.

Donna said...

He's only five behind McCain? Geez, I thought that with the Florida win McCain got a lot of delegates since it was winner-take-all, but I guess that shows how many delegates Romney had already won if it's still that close.

Do you know of a good website that keeps a running list of the delegate count for each candidate? If so, can you give that to me?

Katie said...

Here is one for the republicans:

And here is one for the Dems:

In general, we use CNN. Although left-leaning, they do give up-to-the-minute primary and caucus results. Go here: then click on the state of interest on the US map. You can refresh your screen and it will refresh the counts as they come in.