Thursday, December 6, 2007

Very Interesting Re: Romney

Today my man Mitt gave his anticipated "Faith in America" speech about religion. I wasn't home this morning so I wasn't able to watch it, but I've seen parts of it on the news today and it looks like it was very good. Here's something else really interesting: Romney having a heated discussion with a radio DJ off-the-air a few months ago in Iowa in which he is very passionate and clear about the Mormon Church and how it does and does not affect him and the political sphere. There is absolutely no disingenuosness here...he's being completely upfront and honest. Go to 10 mins. 30 secs. to see the really good off-air stuff.


Alyson said...

Very interesting! It seems that dj was just wanting an argument. He kept changing his reasoning for disagreeing with him.

This is yet another reason I could never run for any kind of office (though in high school I harbored dreams of being in congress). I wouldn't be able to handle being confronted like that. I would get all flustered and not be able to handle myself very well. I think he did pretty good though.

Donna said...

I think Mitt could have mopped the floor with that guy, but he was dignified enough not to. The DJ didn't have his facts straight and it sounds like he got at least some of his info from dubious sources. Plus he wouldn't let Romney talk! I hate it when people do that. It's a sign that you know your "opponent" might be right.

Anonymous said...

It was a very interesting video. You could see how angry he was and I think it's because people have succeeded in making his religion more of an issue than his politics. Huckabee is a minister, yet nobody is making an issue of what his religion believes, we just assume it's the tradition Protestant values which nobody seems to question. I don't know how Mitt could have better handled the religion issue, but it seems to be bigger than him and an emotional one, too. The mediator seemed to have more control behind the scenes than Mitt. I know that in spite of negative publicity, the church always comes out positively in some way, but the think I feel bad about is Mitt isn't going for the presidency to enhance the missionary effort of the church, but to lead the country, two very different things. I need to see him as President of our country first and then a Mormon. I wonder too how much influence of Heavenly Father's will comes into this and not just United States politics.