Friday, October 26, 2007

The Beginning of My Blog

Well I can finally cross this one off the list...I've started a blog! I've been thinking about doing it for awhile, and I finally found myself with a few extra minutes and the sudden motivation, so I did it. I'm not sure how it will turn out. I'm pretty busy so I can't let it become a driving force in my life, but I think it will be fun. I'm going to write about whatever floats my boat. I think I read once that the best blogs have one main theme, so mine's not going to be among the best because it will pretty much be a hodgepodge of a bunch of different things. In all likelihood it will take me awhile to get pictures and other fun stuff up and running (I'm a bit of a technical novice), so this will be a bare-bones blog for awhile, for pure writing and reading enjoyment only.

Hopefully this will help me to keep my writing and analytical skills up. I swore when I graduated from college that I would never write another paper again (my last semester was a real killer), but now I kind of miss that type of writing. Not that I'm going to be writing papers on here or anything (or anywhere else, for that matter!), and not that my posts will all be very intellectual in nature, but I've missed writing in general.

It was tough to name this blog. I felt the pressure to be clever, creative, and original, all qualities that I do not possess to a great degree, especially when it comes to naming things. First I thought of the generic and boring "Donna's Blog," which then led me to "Donna's World" (from "Elmo's World" son and I are Sesame Street fans), then "Breath of Fresh Air," but I realized that kind of copies NPR's "Fresh Air." So then I thought of my favorite newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, and tried to come up with a play on words of that. That idea came from my freshman year at Penn when we had to name our suite and came up with the name "Suiter Than Honey." So, in the end, I came up with "The Doll Sweet Journal." It's quite cheesy, but kind of cute, and I'm sticking with it, at least for now. If something brilliant comes to me I'll change it, though I'm not counting on that. I'm not into dolls or anything (though I loved them as a girl), but people do say that I'm sweet, so for the naming purposes of this blog and due to my limited creativity, I'm just a sweet little doll of a blogger!